Export Mixdown Bug?

Whenever i try to export more than 70 tracks, i get a error message saying “not enough room on disk” even though there is plenty of room. Is this a bug in Cubase 11, getting same error in Nuendo 11 as well. Works fine in cubase 10.5


any update on this bug?


No, there has not been any Cubase 11 update released yet.

is this a known bug, or am i the only one reporting it.


It’s a known issue with unknown circumstances.

is this bug random? or happens all the time?

It happens all the time for me. Whenever I try to bounce cues that have over 70 instruments, which is most of the time when working with large orchestral cues, the mixdown feature is worthless. Workaround – I’ve had to resort to creating 100 audio tracks in my session to bounce too. Cant get an answer from Steinberg if this is an isolated issue or if this is something they are dealing with?

I just tested, to export a project with 150 audio and midi tracks, but I didn’t experienced what you say,

it happens with full stereo out? or do you mean it happens when you export in stems? can you be more specific?