Export mixdown dont work correctly with Steinberg UR824

When I finish a mix in cubase Al 7 I use Send channel to UR824 FX bus who got Rev X reverb system. It is a nice reverb function who sound good in the monitors. But when i try export the complete mix to same output bus as my monitors, the reverb in the mix disapear and the mix down come complete dry. I guess it is a setup/routing issue i just can’t figure out at my own :slight_smile:

I use a steinberg UR 824 Soundcard who is working realy good.

Please somone help me.


Mixdown should be able to do that but you have to do it in real time.

I avoid those problems by getting everything into wav files before mixdown.

So I bounce my midi or record external fx etc.

I’m not familiar with your interface but with my interface I can add reverb to my tracking but it records dry.

Have to go through some hoops to get the wet recording.