Export: Mixdown folder is not chosen initially for template based project

I use a template to create new projects. When I’m done, I want to export them to their respective mixdown folder.
Recently, I played with the audio export settings in my template project and now my new projects based on mentioned template won’t automatically choose their mixdown folders as initial export path somehow. Now they initially use the mixdown folder of my template project so I always need to do these 2 clicks manually for new projects. It used to work fine previously though.

Does anyone know what to do to get the audio export settings of my template working as expected again? Unlike with the audio folder, it seems the mixdown folder option cannot be chosen/ticked permanently.
I could probably re-create my template from scratch based on an empty project, but that’s quite a hassle.

Using Win10, Cubase Pro 11.


In the Export Audio Mixdown window, on the right side of the Path line, click the triangle. From the drop-down menu, choose the Choose… option and set your favourite folder.

If I choose one specific folder in my template project, then all my new projects based on the template will use that folder as initial path. However, I want all my new projects based on my template to use their own mixdown folders initially. That’s how the provided “empty” project template and my template (which is based on the first) works/worked. However, once I had chosen a different export path for my template, it seems that I can not revert to the original behavior.
As I’ve mentioned in my post, you can choose the audio folder as permanent option (see the tick) but you can not do the same with the mixdown folder which is IMHO a flaw.

How do you store your template project? As a real template? or just as a project?

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I have a base project that I export as an actual template so that it’s available in the hub.


I’m not 100% sure, if this settings is global, or stored in the project.

In case, it is stored in the project, how was the settings, at the moment, you saved the Template, please?

I think it’s in the scope of the project, which is IMHO the correct way to do it.

When you create a new template project based on the provided “empty” project from the hub and don’t touch the export settings, implicitly, the initial export path will always be the mixdown folder of the new project you create. That’s what it used to be for my template since I didn’t touch the export settings and that’s what I need again.
It broke for me when I changed my template project and set the export path explicitly to the mixdown folder option. I saved the project and exported it as a template again. Since then, my new projects based on that one template initially use the mixdown folder of my template project instead of their own mixdown folders.

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