Export mixdown freezes and won't export after updating to 10.0.15


I have a huge issue, my audio mixdown won’t export. When I click on export mixdown it just freezes on the export window and says 0% for hours, the cpu usage of cubase in task manager is at 0.0-0.3%.
I have a due date to deliver a score on Monday and I am pullling my hair because of this issue.
It never happened before, I updated to 10.0.1 this morning and it started happening.

I have a very lage project with about 1400 vsti kontakt articulations coming from a slave pc with vienna ensemble pro 6 on it. Also when I try to export mixdown, VEPRO freezes as well. I have tokill either Cubase or VEpro on the slave machine to “unfreeze” the other program. If I kill vienna I have to wait 40 mintues for the server to load up again, If i kill cubase I still have my Vepro server running and can reload the project but it just doesnt export!!

Anyone else with this issue? Any work arounds, please help I need to figure it out by tomorrow night.