Export Mixdown in Cubase Elements 10.5

Hello guys, I’m quite tempted at buying the Elements version of Cubase 10.5. I’m testing the covid-19 pack and I’m finding elements version more limited than I expected. I can live without the click pattern editor (although I think it’s really useful), but not being able to export channel’s audio mixdown is really limiting. Since I can only export the stereo out with the audio mixdown export, what would be the best choice to export single tracks? Normally I record myself and send the tracks to my guitarist who records on top. What would be the best choice? Right now I’m just muting and unmuting tracks and then exporting the stereo out but I’m not sure if that’s the best regarding file quality/size.

Also, anyone know what are the requirements to get the educational version? Do I need to be a music student or any career is valid?

Thanks a lot for your time,


Hi and welcome,

Myself, I would go for Soloing the only track you want to export. At the end the result is the same. I just find it faster and easier to Solo the only one track than Mute all other tracks.

The quality is the very same.