Export Mixdown w/ Auto Monitoring in Tapemachine Style does not disable monitoring

Hi there,

Due to my external monitoring setup set-up, I prefer using the auto monitoring in tapemachine mode. Monitoring is automatically turned on in stop and record, but automatically turned off on playback.

However, I would expect Export Mixdown to be equivalent to playback, and that the monitoring is disabled when performing a mixdown. This does not seem to happen. If I happen to have a track armed for recording when I do mixdown, this track will not be part of my mixdown. I cannot see how this could be the desired behaviour.



Hi and welcome,

Cubase I designed like this. While Mixdown, the Monitor button state is taken in account.


Thanks for the answer. Sounds like a good design decision in general, that the monitor state is taken into account. However, in this case this means that mixdown and playback behaves differently. I would be interested to know why it was designed to have this (to me) very odd behaviour. I understand how it is designed, but what is the intent?