Export Mixdown Window: Open in Wavelab doesn't work?

I’ve downloaded a trial version of Wavelab 8.5 for a future-purchase-trial.

When in Nuendo’s Export-Audio-Mixdown-window one can choose to “Open in Wavelab 8.5” in the Post Process-options.
I’ve selected this option various times today but when my mixdown-export had finished, nothing happened…
Is there some link I’m missing or is this feature not working yet? Or maybe only working with the full version of Wavelab 8.5?

Any help welcome, but it’s not a showstopper…
Niek/ Amsterdam.


we have checked it and here it works without problems. Did you run the batch export functions in Nuendo?


Works fine here on PC.

I am sorry (mostly for myself) to inform you that on my system it doesn’t work. even when I run batch export functions…

Again: I am on a trial version of Wavelab 8.5.0

But thanks for letting me know!
Niek/ Amsterdam

I bought a license forWavelab and installed an update to 8.5.1, but the issue still occurs…
“Open in Wavelab” seems not to work on my system…

Also on my mobile rig, it doesn’t work.
Is there a switch somewhere?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

It seems that “Upload to Souncloud” works though…

Niek/ Amsterdam

The only thing I can think of is that your Wavelab is not installed in the default place.
When clicking on the Post Process tab, you should see the list of available applications.
Under the Soundcloud, I have 3 different Wavelab versions presenting themselves.
What do you see?


My list says:

Open in Wavelab 8.5
Upload to SoundCloud

I’ve installed WL just as I would install any other application. Wavelab 8.5 appears at the “applications”-folder of my Macs. I’ve had a trial version of WL8 and a trial version of WL8.5 “recently” which I both deleted (applications only, not the prefs and all the other files which have been made during install) , is it possible that Nuendo doesn’t “see” my WL8 because of the “traces” of my previous versions of WL?

Thanks for your help.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

AFAIK, if Wavelab is present in that list, it should open.
Unless the link indeed refers to the (removed) trial version.
No Mac expert, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that …