Export mixdown

I have been using CUBASE AI for about a month and a half, and I have been moving right along, until now.
Been trying to mixdown all my audio, midi, and vsts to a stereo track for mixdown.

Used Export- mixdown but my midi tracks do not get recorded into the mixdown.
Only the audio tracks and VST instruments get recorded as audio in the mixdown stereo track.

If i can get over this hurdle, i can start doing serious recording with CUBASE AI.

Many thanks for any info on this subject.

I think I figured it out.

I added a track that by default only recorded MODX audio.

Then i recorded the MODX audio.

Then i was able to record everything, MODX, VST, and regular audio to export mixdown.
This is either a great workaround or the intended way MODX and CUBASE AI were meant to work together.

Could someone let me know if i am doing this right?

Many thanks.

Just got some info from a friend that helped clear things up for me.
For CUBASE AI its a workable solution.

Most excellent.