Export more than one cubase score page at a time?

Hi! I have created a score with my Cubase 10 Score editor and wish to export it. Pages are 24. Problem is that I only see the possibility to export the current selected page and not all of the pages. Only one page at a time. Too much work… What if the score is 200 pages??? Can anybody tell if there is the possibility to export all of te pages with one export?
Thank you!

What format do you want to export to?
If you want to export to PDF or if you want to print your score on paper, go to File>Print.


Thans a lot Maestro!
PDF is quite ok for me, but as I go to file>print I don’t see any possibility like this?
I am to choose between my printer to print on paper or to Microsoft XPS document.

You probably have to enable the feature in Windows.

Press Windows key + R then type: optionalfeatures.exe and Enter.
In the Windows Features check “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the list and hit OK.

After that you should be able to export (print) as PDF in Cubase.

Thanks again Maestro! Sounds great, but I don’t find Microsoft Print to PDF when I open the optionalfeatures.exe:frowning:

Note the terminology is printing, this is not exporting.

Don’t you see this?

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The name “Microsoft Print to PDF” may be different depending on your OS language (translated).

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No, the language is English, but I guess I just donät hav this option…

Thank you Steve! It looks very similar, just I don’t have this option…
My Windows is 7 home

That’s probably why. It’s also unsupported by Steinberg and Microsoft. What reason could there be for not running at least Windows 10? It works on everything, and has modern features.


If you still do not want to upgrade your Windows, you will have to install a third party pdf printer.
Search the web, there are free solutions such as CutePDF etc.

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Plus Windows 7 has been unsupported for years leaving you open to driver problems and viruses.

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That was relly usefull Maestro! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

financial… :frowning: