export mp3 problem

I made(export) mp3 file for my tracks.

Then I found problem. Exported mp3 and my tracks are not same. mp3 file was shorter than original tracks.

For example, if the track is 5 minute exactly, but mp3 is 4:59 length.

I understand if 0.1 sec gap add. that’s not cubase problem. it’s mp3’s problem.

but, Why is my mp3 shorter? :smiling_imp:

please, solve this problem.

For that to test you need to export an WAV file and a MP3 file and compare them in length.
The question is : DO YOU REALLY HAVE A PROBLEM? Or did you create one without facts and knowing how Cubase works…
I never bother with this, because i set the Locators bigger then my project audio is…

Check that the Left-Right Locators were positioned correctly. The Export is confined to where Left-Right Locators are set. Often best to leave some time after the last bar for tails to ring out and decay.

Same Problem Here.
i know how to export, but length of wav and mp3 of a same LR locators is different.
mp3 is shorter , that’s the problem
since 5 Years!!!

it will always be shorted, I think it’s codec problem.
Other software has the same problems

NOnono… This is different issue. i saw your Link.
here the problem is everything is same in mp3 except length of END. that’s the only issue.
now the problem happens in codec/ exporting or importing is matter of investigation.