export multiple audio clips as separate files

I’m doing a sample library and there are 500+ audio clips on my timeline.
Is there a way to select all the clips and export them as individual audio files?
I really don’t want to go through the pain of exporting each one of them one by one.
In Logic, there is an option “export Regions as Audio files” but I don’t see such an option in Cubase.

no idea on how to export multiple clips as separate audio files really?
this is something super easy in Pro Tools and Logic, I am sure it’s doable in Cubase too but I can’t figure it out.

Try this. You can skip to step 3:

If you’re using insert effects, you’ll want to use Render in Place first (render as separate events).

EDIT: Fixed broken link.

awesome! that works! thanks so much

By the way I’m stupid. I forgot that Render in Place does the exact same thing in just one step. :laughing: