Export multiple audio tracks to single mp3

I have Cubase 7.5 on my Macbook Pro (8 gigs ram) and have a project with 5 tracks each of which I have exported to separte audio tracks (.wav). I then added eq, reverb, compression etc top each audio track. I now want to export all 5 audio tracks to a single mp3 file. I have been trying for the past 2 hours to do this but with no success - all I get is an individual mp3 for each audio track - 2.7 mb in size - but which contains no sound. How can I export all 5 audio tracks to a single mp3?

Thanks in advance.



You need to do an export audio mixdown, make sure you’ve set the source of the export to your main mix output buss.

Thanx for the reply. I added a new bus and was able to mix down to a single wav file but when I try to mix down the new wav to mp3 all I get is an empty mp3 file of 2.7mb - I’ll persevere.


Something wrong in your routing, I’d guess.

You do an export > get it reimported into your project and do another export of that just in mp3 format? If you solo it and export it with your Stereo Out ticked in the export window you should get what you ask for. If not, take a look at the output routing of the track.