Export Multiple Channel - could you make the window any smaller?

Generally loving the N10 update - Are is cool, we finally have the same display options as Cubase, etc etc.

But when it comes to day to day stuff, this is a rather basic one and a big GUI fubar imho.

The new Export Audio Mixdown Window has been a bit funky from the start (the layout is very peculiar from a GUI design point of view), but why on god’s green earth can’t the export multiple channels section be enlarged?
It seems to suffer from the same non-resizable dialogue that Generic Remote does, and it makes no sense.

If I’m exporting loads of channels, I need to be able to see them, with their full names. In game audio those names can get pretty long - if they get truncated because the window won’t scale, I can’t see what I’m exporting.

Please fix this SB…

Totally agree. If I remember correctly, Frito said they are doing a redesign on that for an update. I think Steinberg knows it’s not good already.

You are on dangerous grounds my friend!


I’ll bet you’re delicious with hummus or a nice onion dip!

It won’t happen again!


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Agree on this. Already happened with Cubase 10. Hopefully they will get around to do it sometimes soon :slight_smile: