Export Multiple Midi Tracks Routed to a External Synth (With Single Stereo Out) Separately to Audio


I have a 40 midi tracks to create stems for mixing a 10-minute music. The midi tracks are all routed to an external synth that is setup as VSTi. The synth just has 1 stereo output port. I wish it had more.

Of course, I can use instrument track one at a time and render them or export them one at a time. This would take a lot of time over 6 hours assume.

Is there a way to make this faster? Say, using Mac’s automator, thirty software plugins, etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I guess there is no way. This is why I think why open source stuff are there.
Open source for flexibility and closed source software for stability!

Does any one know any good open source DAW with MIDI capabilities preferably the one most similar to Cubase.
I am checking Ardour https://ardour.org

I presume you mean “configured as an external instrument” (which can be handled somewhat like a VSTi)

The synth just has 1 stereo output port

That’s your limitation right there. You have to render tracks with external instruments or effects in realtime due to the laws of physics, and no software, open source or not, can get around that part of the task (unless perhaps open sorcery). As you have only one stereo output, you have to render each track seperately (i.e. solo each track and render it in realtime).

Have a look at using a macro to render one track at a time, and assign that macro to a key command. A good starting point would be one of the rendering macro presets (Edit > KeyCommands > Show Macros > Presets > Rendering Macros and have a look at the “Render VSTi” macro).

If you can get the process down to a series of repetitive key commands in Cubase (i.e. using macros), then any keyboard automation tool (Windows users have the open source AutoHotkey) should help running those macros, however it would still take a very long time, in your example 40 x 10 = 400 minutes or a little under 7 hours (not 60) – overnight, in other words.

Thank you, for the reply.

There is not rendering Macros in C10. Unfortunately, this requires having KC/Macro to set the output buss of the next instrument track to VSTi. I don’t see this is possible. Maybe you can guide me to that.
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 11.08.13 PM.png

Thank you for catching the error. Yes over 6 hours I meant.


The “Render VSTi” in your first screenshot is the rendering macro in C10 that I was referring to, as a possible starting point for programming your own custom macro.

Let me get this correct: you have one hardware synth only (the PSR-A3000 in your sig?) set up as a single “external intstrument”, and you want to render e.g. 40 tracks to seperate audio tracks?

How do you currently monitor (i.e. playback) your project? Are all MIDI tracks routed to the (multi-timbral) PSR-A3000, and you are listening to the (single) stereo output of the PSR-A3000?

Yes, that is exactly what I want to do.
The Render VSTi is written by myself and was not in C10.

The MIDI tracks’ output are set to the input port 1 of the PSR. PSR has two output ports 1 and 2 and one input port 1 each supporting 16 channels. I hear the sound off of my PSR and also my Audio interface ( MR816) which has two of its mono inputs is connected to two audio outputs of PSR.

I guess it is better idea to use instrument track, but then I have to add PSR to output of one and when it’s done rendering automatically remove the PSR from output of it and add it to the next track.

I really doubt if this is possible with Cubase.


Ah, I see, you wrote another one with the same name. This is the one that comes with C10:
(Edit > KeyCommands > Show Macros > Presets > Rendering Macros)

You don’t have to change inputs or outputs, it just steps through the tracks, solos each one and does a file export.
You will have to play around with this a bit but I think it should be possible to do what you need. Remember to check “Real-Time Export” under “Advanced Options” in the “Export Audio Mixdown” dialog.

Thank you so much.
I will give it a shot. Sorry I was working on another project.