export multiple projects to a single pdf

Can I export multiple projects to a single pdf? It would be a useful feature to not import all the work into a desktop publishing software application. Thanks in advance for your answers.

I have a mac. There is an included app that we use to open pdf, Aperçu. I realize I do not know the english name of that app… When you open a pdf with that app, you can show a left column with vignettes. It is absolutely possible to take vignettes from a pdf file and move them to another file, so it is quite easy to have multiple scores in one pdf file. I assume there is that kind of stuff on PC.

in mac OS the english name for that application is “Preview”
in german it is called „Vorschau“

“Preview.” A direct translation!

In the next update, you’ll be able to import flows from other projects into an existing project, so you could make an über-project that contains all of the flows you want to export, and then export a single PDF that way. Otherwise, as Marc and others have suggested, combining PDFs in Preview or other free tools like PDF Split and Merge is a good way to go.

I thank everyone for the replies. For this type of operation I use adobe acrobat pro which is a great program, but I look forward to as soon as the new update so you don’t have to lay out the individual PDFs.