Export multiple regions with automatic nameing

I use Nuendo for a lot of things. When I use Nuendo for game-audio I tend to stack up hundreds of regions for exporting certain time-frames in the timeline. For this i use the arranger track, and also, name the region appropriate to what it is I am working on. It would be figgin awesome if there was a way to link the arranger blocks name to the “export audio mixdown” window. The file naming and export for the many sounds is horrendous typing and clicking. Just imagine clicking multiple arranger regions and function “export arrager regions with names”
Now I ctrl+C the name, paste it in the export window and the manually click export.
(in nuendo 4 you could press enter to export, why did you rid this?)

All the best!

I’m doing game audio too and there is something you want :wink:

  • When I finished with a sound, I select all the clips and do “Locators to Selection”. I put that function on the shortcut P so I only select all clips of a sound, and hit P.
  • Now, from the locators, I create a Cycle Marker. A Cycle Marker is permanent and you can name it anything you want. There’s the function “Insert and Name Cycle Marker” that does everything in one go. I put that on a shortcut as well.

With this, I mark the regions of all sounds in my project and name them correctly (the name of the cycle marker will become the file name later!). When I’m done, I hit “Export Audio Mixdown”. In the window, in the left column, I deselect “Channel Batch Export” and instead select “Export Cycle Markers”.

Make all other settings as you like. Now it exports ALL the cycle markers you selected with the NAME of the cycle marker. All you have to do is name the cycle markers correctly and your export will have the correct name.

This has worked wonders for me. Advantage: You can have as many tracks as you want and name those tracks the way you like, it has no influence on the exported file name. Disadvantage: you have to manage your naming manually in the marker window, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. Have fun!

That’s excellent! Now if Nuendo could manage to automatically select the cycle markers you’ve selected in the timeline life would be peachy. Big up! Thanks!

Yeah, if you’ve got loads of markers, then scrolling through the list and selecting the 3 sounds you changed is a bit of a pain. But in general this is a really great feature I haven’t seen in Logic or Studio One. Don’t know about PT or Reaper.