Export multiple takes

Anyone have a brilliant shortcut to automate the process of bouncing out 8 mixes with 8 different vocal takes? Band tracks all stay the same. Just the vocal take is different for each bounce.
(30 tunes. I’d hate to have to sit there and do it manually… It’s 2023!

(I tried putting each vocal take on a separate track, solo defeating all the band tracks, and then using the batch export dialog to bounce each vocal take (thinking the band tracks might be included in the bounce because of solo defeat). But no. It’s just solo’d vocals.

I would either just do multiple passes (boring) or I would just string everything out on the timeline. Stringing it out is a bit annoying maybe, but you can at least get it done. So basically just copy paste X times with different vocals at each location, then set cycle markers, and then batch export over those markers.

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You can also set 8 different outputs with the 8 different versions. Then export audio selecting Multiple outputs and select all of them. You must assign the band tracks to every output and every single vocal version to the correspondent output.


Thanks Dolfo. Currently all the vocal takes are going to a Group track for processing. So I’d have to pull them out of the group and have 8 instances of all the processing (for each vocal take’s audio track). I would also have to assign all FX outputs in the session to all 8 outputs as well.