export multiple tracks without locators

I have a project with audio regions of varying lengths on multiple tracks, with each track containing only one region, or take. I’d like to export each of these tracks, but without setting a locator range for each track. I just want the region on the track to be bounced, nothing more. Having to set locators for each export takes WAY too long. How can I got about exporting these regions all at once, as separate files, without setting locators for each region? Thanks.

This: http://www.meap.biz/video/

I have to buy a $60 program to complete a basic DAW function? Seriously? Can’t Logic do this with “Export All Tracks as Audio Files”? Why doesn’t Cubase have this feature?

Don’t these files all exist in your pool and your audio folder?
You could open the pool, select whatever, “export pool”
Pressing P sets the locators pretty fast.

Yes, but they are wav files there. I want them exported straight from Cubase as mp3’s. The “export pool” option does not export only the tracks I select in the pool. And besides, “export pool” only exports a pool file, not the actual audio files for me to use. And like I said, I don’t want to set locators (no matter how easy it is), select “Audio Mixdown” from the file menu, set the name and output directory for EVERY track.

This seems like a basic function that’s been ignored by Steinberg.

channel batch export?

When you do a channel batch export, you still have to set a locator range.

Do you use Cubase?

You’re being so nice about it someone will surely come up with a solution that works for you.

I use a keyboard shortcut ‘P’ to set the locators to selected region. I don’t remember if that is a factory Key Command (KC) or a custom.

Two mouse clicks!
Then Export.
I use a custom KC for Export Audio Mixdown - Alt Enter.

Does that answer your question/ make it easier? :smiley:

“P” is indeed the factory KC for setting locators around a selected region/clip.

Do you use Cubase?

:laughing: * 10

Obviously my question is not being understood here. Thanks for your help, I’ll make a feature request.

You are suggesting a feature: “Export All Tracks as Audio Files”
Yes. Good suggestion although I wonder why you would want to just as a matter of interest. :smiley:

If for example you are exporting so you can place the files in another program, say a video editor for example, it makes sense to set the locators to the length of the longest file, then Batch Export.

When you import the resulting files into your video editor they will synchronise because they have the same start time.
Is that why you are exporting the files - just as a matter of interest. :slight_smile:

well i requested something similar. export by cycle markers… i found its possible with nuendo but not with cubase 7…
i wish they add it !
saves lots of time , instead of clicking “P” s and wait for export it would be nice to have 10ths or 100 of files named by markers and export at one shot.

His question is legit. I’m looking for the same feature.

It’s very useful for us that do sound effects. I have projects with 50+ tracks of sound effects all with different lengths. I tweak them in the DAW to get all their levels right and add plugins onto them. But when I export, I’m basically using the exact same options for each track (.ogg, mono).

So even making it easier with hotkeys still takes a lot of time. It would be very nice to simply batch export all tracks and select something so Cubase knows to use the length of each track when exporting.

The link in my first post is the best that can be currently done in Cubase. Until then, a feature request is in order. Did the OP summit one? There’s no point in discussing it here without creating a feature request in the appropriate forum. Just saying.

Thank you. For the plugin and the reply. I’m assuming he did.

And I’m just saying that the option is legit. After searching for how to do this and finding this thread, I felt like I needed to defend the OP since he was getting ripped apart for a clearly useful feature. Other posters were interested in why someone would need this, so I posted why I did.

I could not agree more that this is a legit feature we need. It is so annoying to have to click around through every channel, and rename each file while you go… when I have spent all of the time preparing the channel for export. I have hundreds of channels, each with different lengths. There should just be a check box when you go to export, allowing you to batch export every channel as an mp3 based on the track’s length.

Is there a solution by now?

I habe 80 Tracks of FX, different lengths and different VSTs on them. Now I want to export all those Channels and keep any FX the original length.

Currently the batch export uses the marker no matter what - or got the feature implemented by now? Can’t find it - thanks.