Export multiple wavs from one track

sorry posted this twice I’m confused with this new forum if I’m posting in the correct area.
I’m making a kontakt instrument, I have multiple drum hits on one wav file, I wish to cut them into individual hits then export them all as wav files all in one go to a folder.
I can’t work out how this is done ? in logic you just select the cut wavs and export regions
I’m using cubase 11 pro

You can do this by using the “render” function if you select the option to render them as separate events and at the same time select a specific folder for the wave-file outputs. Before you render the track, make sure you have cut the takes into separate events. This creates a new track with all of the events and all samples are stored in a separate folder of your choice, instead of the audio-folder. You can open the new folder and grab the samples from there and then delete the newly rendered track.

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thanks will give this a go!