export not respecting bypass state of insert plugin

just been exporting a track that had a delay in an insert on the lead vocal - I didn’t want that in the export so I bypassed it and did the export

The resulting wav had the delay ON - I assumed I’d made a mistake so went and did it again but there seems to be an issue/bug.

At the end of the export the delay is is showing as bypassed (a yellow symbol) but it’s actually been reactivated. You can hear it if you press play - If you toggle it off / on / off then it switches off. I can’t image this is what was intended ?

it’s a really simple track zero automation.

It’s a bit scary as it seems you can’t always trust the audio export to be accurate ?

windows 10 - latest version of cubase


just tested it - it’s definitely not all plugins but it’s totally repeatable on a blank project with Boz Imperial Delay. I confused as I assumed the bypass would totally exclude the plugin ?

I also get this behaviour with a vst3 version of soundspots velo limiter. Mixdown still processes it even though its bypassed. If i turn it off (alt-click) its not included in the mixdown.

thanks Janko

glad to hear it wasn’t me going mad - I was using the VST3 version too -I’ve put a support ticket into Boz to see if they can shed any light on what is going on.

update - confirmed as an issue by Boz support - just trying to find out if it’s a cubase problem and yes it seems to be vst specific

Thanks for the update dr.

Best regards J