export of one single staff as .png file

I am working with Dorico 3.5.1. After long time use of Sib…
I have a problem with making a .png file of one single staff.
Hopefully someone can help me.

For the services in our church we use often new songs, also made by myself;
sometimes it is a song with 4 staves with verses, or more. The new songs are often printed in a booklet for the service.
I will provide the persons who make the booklets, with a .png file of every SINGLE staff. The reason why is: it must remain possible to change the layout of that booklet always, even just before the service, because the .png file can jump to the next page or v.v…
In Sib. it was very easy to manage it. So sad now. Sorry, In Dorico I cannot find a solution, and I will not go back to Sib…
I tried a lot to find it out.
A .png file of one staff per flow is not a solution because such file is in Dorico a whole page.
I hope someone can help me.
Thanks at Forehand

J M F 45

Welcome to the forum! In Dorico 3.5, there’s now a feature called “Graphic Slices” in Engrave mode, where you can draw a frame around a specific bit of music and export just the contents of that as a graphics file. Would this help?

Alternatively, you could use separate layouts with just the relevant player in them for larger sections?

Can you explain how graphic slices work? I don’t see that command in Engrave mode. And I searched for it the Dorico help and it had about 170 hits, but I don’t see one that explains how to do it.

Thank you.

The manual only covers Dorico up to version 3.1.10, and Graphic Slices were introduced in version 3.5.
It is always advisable to check the Version History for documentation on new features, as the manual is typically behind (which isn’t anyone’s fault!). Graphic Slices are explained on page 50 of the linked PDF.

Here’s a Dorico video of how it works.

Sorry for any confusion belkina - the youtube video tutorial that covers how to use Graphic Slices in Dorico 3.5 that is linked in the comment above was also in my original comment, it’s hyperlinked in the words “Graphic Slices”. Embedding links into specific words in forum posts is a handy and concise way (or at least I think so!) of making further information/explanations available.