Export One Audio File

So I’ve been using Cubase for many years but there is one thing that I’ve never been able to do easily, and that is export one simple audio file (event) from the project window. Basically I have a large midi template set up with tons of tracks. then when I’ve created my piece I usually print my mix to an audio track using the internal bussing. Now I have this simple stereo event on an audio track that I would like to export to a folder of my choosing. What I have been doing is to use the “channel batch export” and just select the audio track with the printed mix; however, I noticed that the more complicated the template the slower that batch export function works. It doesn’t seam to matter if I just select one track, or multiple the batch export option is slow if you have an involved setup with vst’s like VE Pro and such. So for a really involved orchestral piece, I might have to wait 3-4 minutes to just export this one audio event in my template using batch export with one audio track selected. I recently built a new computer with a lot of ram and a very fast processor hoping this would speed up export times, but unfortunately not by much for very large projects.

I’ve also tried this approach I’ve seen in the knowledge base where you turn an “event or range as region” and then bounce the region from the pool. However, this is quite a lot of steps and it puts this pesky number at the end of the audio file name that I have to manually remove in later and it reimports the file into the pool, which i also don’t need.

I also know that you can just go into the audio files folder and manually copy the audio to another location, but again my issues are with speed and workflow. Going into the OS and opening all the folders and copying is again several steps for something I would think could be much simpler.

Is there any way to select an event in the project window and just export it, as is, to a location of my choosing? Seems you can drag and drop and import files really easily, but exporting not so much. In Pro Tools you can select multiple regions and export them quickly as edited, or in Logic you can select a region and do a “save as…”. Can’t seem to find the equivalent in Cubase. If anyone has a simple solution to this seemingly simple task I would love to hear it!


What i do is connect two of audio interface’s outs back to two ins. And always have an empty stereo tracks assigned to these ins. When i need some event recorded, i just solo that track, enable record on that stereo track, and i have that peace recorded live.

I’ve also routed audio back in before. However what I’m looking for is something similar to Pro tools’ “Export Selected Regions” option. you just select the region on the track and export it, without processing, just the clip as it is edited on the track. It’s very useful, there is no such equivalent in cubase.