Export only a small clip to MusicXML

I often want to change a small part of my composition, like augument the rythms.
It seems like Dorico can’t do anything of that. A way to go around that problem
is to export to musicXML and make the transformations in an other program.
(For me it would be some small python program.)
To export to musicXML we are limited to exporting a full Flow. I would love to be able
to export just a small clip (like cut/copy) to a musicXML file.

Create a new flow and copy the music there.

However, you may not need to do this much longer.

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@knl, your title references exporting to XML, but your goal is to “augment the rhythms.” My question is whether you would rather be able to export clips to XML or rather solve the rhythm situation within Dorico. Are there other reasons you would want o export XML clips?

Good to know. I really miss old Sibelius for doing small transforms. It’s seems like the need for them is popping up all the time.

Small transforms in Dorico will get much covered but it would also be nice to be able to do other transforms from small programs I write myself with ‘odd’ rules i suddenly want to try out. I’m playing lot with different musical algorithms.
A way to go from a few bars in the score to a Python program and back to Dorico with the result would be great.
Something like:

  1. Copy a few bars from a Dorico score.
  2. Save it as xml.
  3. Read and process in Python.
  4. Write a new xml.
  5. From Dorico read xml and paste it in a Dorico score.
    Could be automated with a few mouseclicks.
    It would be easy for any other computerlanguage to use.

A small winterdream.