Export, or bounce, or mixdown.... no disc space??

Newbie Doug here…

I bought a Tascam US-1800 a month or so ago and had it all dialed in, and could bounce, or export, or mixdown (whatever it’s called in here) to a MP3 easily with the export function,under the main FILE tab

That computer blew up (old XP)

So I reloaded it back up onto my laptop (Windows 7 home edition)

Ecerything seems to work fine, I can record everything fine.

My problem is that now I cant use the export system to make an MP3 anymore, and it won’t make a wave file either. It always has a pop-up that says "insuficient disc space, even though I have over 500 gigs available, so obviously thats not the problem…

Any thoughts? thanks in advnace, this is definately making my hair fall out! :cry:

Here is a screen shot of the message…


This usually because you have your L/R locators the wrong way round!

Yes, I finally figured that out. Thank you kindly for taking the time to help me, I DEEPLY appreciate it!!!