Export or Extract specific track information


Obviously when saving a project file, all the relevant information is saved within that file, like what VST’s were used, what FX were applied, song structure etc etc.

Now over time, I’ve “cleaned” up my PC by removing VST’s I thought were no longer used or a new build, fair enough, if I open a project containing the missing VST, i am informed about it.
I’ve re-installed the missing VST but find that the sound is different to what it was, perhaps the FX settings applied to the midi track etc.

Sometimes, what I do is to use the Notepad within Cubase to make notes about the particular sound used, any FX, just in case, and it’s helped me out few times for sure. I usually do this for the MIDI tracks only as audio will still be there, perhaps the FX applied to the audio track may be missing but the core sound still exists in audio. Remember, this is for unfinished projects, god knows, we all have hundreds if not thousands built up over the years.

So my question is if there is a way of extracting specific information to save me from typing it in? Maybe to be more selective as to what information I would like to extract.
Perhaps things like the VST, patch used, the FX (specifics) etc but I’ve not been able to find out how to do this so far.

I am sure there are many like me who start a project, only to keep on working on it years later, due to time constraints and are reluctant to cut your losses and move onto the next project, after all, it’s digital so what’s the harm in keeping it?! Having additional information on hand should the project not load correctly etc could help out a great deal.


Not sure if this could done but it would be cool if that info was available somewhere that was easily accessible/searchable (by project maybe?).

What I do to document my VST instruments & effects used in a project is to type the name of the used VST and preset name on each track in the track notepad. I save all used VST presets (edited or not) using my own project/track/numbering naming convention. Over the years I have (what seems like) a zillion presets saved but, the naming convention I use does help me during the times when I need to reload one for some reason. It is not common but, it has happened and I am very happy to have the info.

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