Export or transfer “comments” and ratings?

Hi folks, I spent a bunch of time going through all my kits and presets in Groove Agent Stand Alone and added comments to remind me of cue words the kits made me feel.
Now, when I open an instance of GA in Cubase, none of my comments show up.

Is there a way to export comments and import them into the Cubase GA file browser/media bay? I work across 2 machines also and would love to be able to import my ratings/comments across the 2.

Are you on Mac or PC? You should always give that basic info when you ask any questions like this, i.e., involving files, transfers, or any function outside of working in Cubase.

In Windows I found two mediabay3.db files (99.9% certain this is where the info you want is stored):
C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64

I’d start by renaming your existing mediabay3.db on the second computer to mediabay3.old or .bak and transferring the db file with your ratings over to it. Then check to see if that contained your ratings when you open media bay on the second system. If not, then try the same approach with the Cubase mediabay3.db file.

If you’re on Mac, then try to figure it out based on the Windows file locations or wait for a Mac user to chime in.

Good luck.

My main DAW is a pc (windows 10) but I also use a Mac laptop to do remote sessions. I did all my comments and rating on the Mac. I was hoping there might be a native function to import since I would prefer to combine the information by importing specific fields rather than replace the entire database file.
Thanks for the help

Ah, OK. You may still be able to do what I said, but I think you will need to have all the same libraries installed on both computers for it to work without issues.

So it looks like we’re on the right track here with the database file:

This looks like it addresses you need precisely: working on two computers and wanting the same attributes (ratings and comments) to show up on both. One level down are the instructions:

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Thanks for digging up this info. It certainly looks promising. I will follow the instructions and see how things go.

Happy to help. Let me know how it goes. I hadn’t done this before and I’ve learned something too.