Export Output from UR28M to Video Camera

I just purchased a UR28M.

I am interested in sending the output from the interface to a video camera (lets say an iPhone). There are 3 outputs (A/B/C) that are 1/4 inch (Balanced).

Is there any way to send this stereo output from the UR28M using a converter to a Video Camerra


You may prefer sending one of the phones outputs to the camera, might be less problematic.

I already have a something similar (iRig by IK Media) that pulls a signa from an XLR into into the phone using an XLR toi iPhone adapter. But I think it runs off of an app.

If I pull the signal from the Phones out from the UR28M then I will need a 1/4 inch to iPhone adapter that pulls the singal into the iPhone. But will it actually pull the signal in or do I need an app to control this?