Export (part of) Audio with NO processing at all?


how can I create a exact “copy” of a part of an audio file in Cubase?

F.e. I have a 1 hour track from live recording and I want to grab a small part for some editing (VariAudio) but don’t want to analyze the whole file (because it takes ages and at the end freezes cubase). I want to have a mixdown from this small part but with no processing at all. The mixdown and the original part of the wave should be exactly the same. What I do now is to turn off all inserts, Levels, EQs … and the using the Audio-Mixdown (Alt+e) Dialog. Or I even create a new project, import the wave and create the mixdown from this “blank” project with no processing/leveling.

But from a technical point of view, I just want to create a copy of the part of the wave-file. Is there any quick and simple way to achieve this?


Copy the Audio event to another track (or place). Remove all Direct Offline Processing (if there is any). I expect, Cubase would ask you in this step already, if you want to make a New Version of the file. Click yes. Bounce Selection to assure that you are working with the snipped, not with the whole long file anymore.

Thank you very much! A bit cumbersome but works.