Export part with cues?


Is there a way to export a separate part while keeping the cues it contains?

I’m a bit confused about what you mean. Can you give a bit more detail?

Do you mean can you export the audio of a player including the audio of any cues?

You will need to include the players whose music appears in the cue as well. It’s probably easier to save a copy of the project and delete the players whose music you definitely don’t need, then delete any layouts other than the part layout you want to remain.

Thank you Daniel for the answer and the procedure to follow.
My question is of course related to the performance of my computer. I have to do 16 songs with a symphonic accompaniment and a booklet for each part and it seemed to me that the work could be faster by exporting each part. So far with the 16 blocks the response is a bit slow, but it works!