Export presets.

Hi all,

As far as I know there arent any export presets in CB11 to compliment the new export process, im always switching between bouncing out as MP3, WAV, dry stems, wet stems, it would be quicker and more accurate to have export presets, hopefully this wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Many thanks.

Take another look. It’s the first item in the File Format section and is helpfully named “Preset”

Thanks Rodger, thats great, I dont actually own it yet but with this news its a definite upgrade.


Yeah, I was surprised to stumble on it - I didn’t notice it in any announcements. Found it a few days ago and immediately created a few.

Anyone finding that its a bit flakey though?
Firstly the preset name often shows as the default ‘no preset’ even when all the settings are for one of your presets.
Secondly, when you choose a preset it often doesn’t come up correctly - you have to select it a couple of times before it ‘sticks’.
In general although a great addition, the new exporting feature feels half-baked again, as if not enough time was put into it to properly think it out.

Yeah, I was looking at that yesterday. It seems that whenever the Export Window opens it shows “no preset” although everything is set the same as the last use. While it would be nice to have the name always reflect the settings, I can live with it not. My most common mistake when exporting is forgetting to change the bit-depth from 16 to 24 when I want to use the audio in the Project - or vice-versa for mixes. Having the preset, even if the name isn’t showing, helps stop that.

I have not seen the second issue of the settings not sticking, but will keep an eye out for it.