Export problem - export range automatically "shifts" ~45ms


About a week ago a strange problem started happening with Cubase Artist 8.0.40 (Mac OS, High Sierra 10.13.6), when exporting mixdowns.

Every time I export the mix the actual export range automatically “shifts” around 45ms to the left from the set export range. Meaning, there is a timing difference of around 45ms between actual exported audio and the set selection range markers (as if the both selection markers were set ~45ms to the left from their current positions).

45ms is quite substantial and that means, if there’s audio from the very beginning of the desired export range, it gets cut :frowning:. It also makes exporting audio to picture impossible as the sync is lost.

No updates were installed both to High Siera 10.13.6 or Cubase Artist, when this started happening. We noticed it affects both old and newly created projects. Its really impossible to work like this.

Anybody came up with similar problem, any ideas for solution?

Hi and welcome,

Just for record, Cubase 8.0.x is not officially compatible with macOS 10.13.

Could you try to export a plug-in free project, please? Could you try to export in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Hi Martin,

thanks for reply, now I feel the solution was such obvious - as it turns out the problem was Sonarworks reference plug-in. Even in bypass mode, it was still causing this malfunction. When the plugin is removed, the problem is no longer there.

Thanks again for your fast reply!