Export problem - MP3

Running Cubase 4 in XP.
I regularly export my audio files in MP3 format with no trouble. Today when I did this the procedure went through as normal, no error messages. When I checked the destination folder all I had was a GPK file, which is just labelled ‘file’ under properties. If I export it as a wav it works ok but can’t figure out what’s gone wrong with the MP3.
Many thanks for any advice.

I’m not sure, but what I’d do is this… do ‘search’ for the file, to be sure it wasn’t sent somewhere else, or change the destination mp3 to my desktop, which is where I usually send it anyway. Also, I’d have a look at my preferences and see if there’s something for mp3’s there. I don’t know if System Restore, back to a time when it was working would do any justice…?

Maybe the numbers of mixed downs of mp3’s run out something? Or is it unlimited mp3??? What I’ve done a number of times was uninstall Cubase & then reinstall it, and then I had more mp3’s. Then I obtained an mp3 fix at a later point.

Thanks for the reply, and sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. Pleased to say that all is now well and mp3’s are up & running again. I didn’t however find the cause of the problem, it just righted itself as these things do sometimes.
(Fingers crossed)