Export project info

I couldn’t find this on the Forum, therefore I would like to ask for a feature to export the project info of a whole Dorico file as text or Excel. Would be really useful especially, when there are lots of flows.


This is a good idea, and I’ll make a note of it for the future.

I have got a project with 108 flows and I want to export the information from the project info fields for a table of content and other use cases. Is there still no way to do this in Dorico?
Perhaps someone has got a clever workaround?

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At the moment, no, there’s no good way to do this.

May I add the suggestion to also do a batch export on “All projects in a folder…”? (I have this written as a custom script in my ”current notation program” and it is very effective and useful when handling many projects.)

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You know you can create a Table of Contents within Dorico?

You could create a custom Page Template that includes all the Project Info tokens on a page, and then export that as a PDF; then copy/paste the contents. (If you want all the flow titles, you’d have to include, say, tokens for 1 to 100, and hope that covers it.)