Export Project to Cubase Elements 10.5

I have exported a project from Cubasis 3 and unzipped to a folder. When I try to import into Cubase Elements 10.5 I get an error box “cannot read cubasis project file: reason unknown format”

Anybody had this and managed to fix?

Hi Jon,

As mentioned in this forum article, the Cubasis 3 Project Importer is planned to be released shortly.

Once available, it will be announced in this forum.

Best wishes,

Thanks - I missed that!!!

Hi JonProudfoot,

Please note that the Cubasis Project Importer 3.0 Re-Release update, which allows you to import Cubasis projects into Cubase, is available for immediate download at:


The Cubasis Project Importer 3 for macOS and Windows allows you to import projects from Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 into Cubase.

Best wishes,

In the website you mention is written that the importer works for importanting to Cubase 10.
Is this the only version it works with?

Hi Frankyfastfinger,

Thank you for your message.

The Cubasis Project Importer 3 has been tested and will work with the Cubase versions, mentioned on the Cubasis Project Importer website. However there is a good chance, that it will work with earlier Cubase versions too.

Hope that helps.