Export projects from Cubase AI5, import on newer Cubase

Hi all,

I have an old computer Windows 7 running Cubase AI 5, on which I’ve created a number of projects over the years. Recently, I bought a new Windows 8 computer to replace it. What I’d like to do is to transfer the Cubase AI 5 projects to the Windows 8 computer.

Steinberg supports says that Cubase AI 5 probably won’t run (well) on Windows 8, so I will need a newer version of Cubase. Furthermore, they say it’s not possible to transfer Cubase AI 5 projects to newer versions of Cubase. I can’t believe Cubase isn’t backwards compatible. Is this really so, is there no way I can export projects from my Cubase AI 5 instance and import it onto a newer Cubase version?

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Hello Kenneho,

Though it’s true that Cubase AI5 is not officially supported on Windows 8 or 8.1, newer versions of Cubase, such as Cubase Elements 8 can open a .cpr file that was created in Cubase AI5. You can move your projects over by copying them to a removable or external hard drive and installing them on your new computer. Make sure when copying the projects over to the entire root project folder that contains the .cpr project file and the audio files.

That’s great news! It was my understanding that this would not work, so I’m glad to hear that it will.