Export Quality Question

Hey guys,

This might be a stupid question but I’d rather ask it and be sure than not. I have an 828mk2 FireWire Audio Interface and I have always used it when working in Cubase. Lately, it’s been playing up so I’ve been doing the final tweaks to my latest project using the Mac Pro’s Built-in Audio, which is connected to a pair of headphones. My question is:

Will the quality of export be any different using the Mac Pro’s Built-in Audio device instead of the 828mk2?

The quality of the digital clock will not affect the quality of your export… so it doesn’t matter which interface you use in that case.

HOWEVER, what may be affected is the quality of the sound coming out to your speakers (what you actually hear) - because I can only assume that the 828mk2 has better converters than the Mac Pro’s built in audio.

No. That should not matter. But on what are you listening to your exported mix?

I have had many Macs and IMHO the Mac’s built-in audio circuitry is horrible.
Always has been.

Unless you have one of the Mac models where the input/output jacks serve as both
analog and digital.

And even if you have one of those models of Mac, you will
still need a separete device to take advantage of that digital access…

IMHO it is a better move to just get your 828 fixed.


I plan to get another audio interface. Maybe the MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid. But for now I feel my mix is finished and just want to export it. And since I wasn’t using the 828mk2 as the ASIO Audio Driver, I just wondered if that would affect the final mixdown. I assumed it wouldn’t, but just wanted to make sure.

And I see what you’re saying about the Mac’s Built-in Audio. I hear weird interference noises at times. Like aliens are trying to contact me :laughing:

Oh, they really do! They want to convince you to use the fireface!.. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: