Export quantize tracks in Cubase 6.5

Hi all, sorry for my question but I’m a newbie on Cubase because I used Logic.
I have a 10 audio drum record tracks and I made a quantization with cubase 32 bit 6.5 for mac. the project now sounds good, it’s perfect in time. Problem is when I try to export tracks… How can I export every track without lose the quantization? My problem is that if I try a mixdown with every single track the exported one is not like the quantized one…
I think to misunderstood something… :confused:

could you please give me any suggestion?

thx and regards.

I’m having the same problem with Cubase 6.5. Have a bass line perfectly quantized with my mix (drums, etc). when I export Its all over the place toward the end of the song. I thought it might have been an eq problem between the kick drum and bass so I took a lot of the lower end freq out as an experiment and increased the volume on drums and bass. I can hear clearly that they did not export (mix down) the same as I’m hearing in the project. My next step for now is to try and render the bass line only back into the mix as new track. This is just a work around for now. Its not a processing problem on behalf of my pc. Every thing else runs smoothly. I’m using an i7 at 64bit with 32 gigs ram.

I hope this issue is noted and addressed. Its not much use if i cant export a mix as i’m hearing it!

Cheers : )

one solution is to bounce the audio/replace before export?


I’ve done warp quantiz on a drum multi tracks.All is perfectly in synchro with the quantize grid.But then when i play the audio, the more it goes, the more the audio losts synchro.If i stop then play it again (same place that i stop from), it will be perfecly synchro again but will lost it few seconds later and it goes like this again and again.If a export the track separately (kick then snare ect ect) or do a bounce inside the project, then i can clearely see that the new container is not in time with the quantize grid, the new export get’s progressively late comparing to the original track and quantize grid
can you excuse my english and help me solving this problem?

I’ve got the same problem.
After I’ve quantized my drums using AudioWarp all is fine and it sounds good and in time, but when I bounce the tracks using either Bounce selection or Export/Channel batch export it gradually becomes more and more out of time. At the end it can be something like 35ms out of sync.
Does someone know why or how to fix this?
I’m using Cubase 6.5.4 64bit on a Macbook pro retina 2.6gHz 16gb ram.

i’m afraid the safest bet is to stay off automatic audiowarping; it’s simply unpredictable at best still. if you need to use it, flatten the effected events right away to double-check it’s playing correctly.