Export Que - bounces with mistakes

Hi there,
When I export my projects using the export cue function, my stereo bounce sound perfectly fine, but I get often problems with the individual channels.

In this case I’m using the East West Hollywood Strings player. And my bounce que is:

Stereo LR Tutti - sounds fine

  1. Violin - notes are starting but cut shortly after. Sounds like a midi error.
  2. Violin - same problem as above
    Viola - sounds fine
    Cello - sounds fine
    Bass - sounds fine

In ome other projects the faulty channels are elsewhere in the string orchestra, so it´s not a specifik violin issue.
I have nothing ‘ticket’ in the menu. Export is Wave 24 bit 44.100, and off line


Could you try to change the Buffer Size (maybe even decrease it), please? I remember, EastWest engine was skipping some MIDI Notes if there was higher Buffer Size.

No promises, just try it, please.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try :slight_smile: