Export question


I have an audio montage with some songs lined up on different tracks. In this montage I edit the songs with effects on each track, and trim them, before I export the files and import them into a new montage, where I place the songs on a single track. In this second montage I am going to burn the songs to cd/ddp and render other file formats.

However, if I am in the second montage, and realize that I for example want to go back and do some changes in one of the songs in the first montage. Is it possible to go to the first montage, do the changes on the effects on the songs track, and then export the song again, having it simply REPLACE the existing version in the second montage? I can’t export the track again with the same name, because wavelab says it can’t to that when the file is open in wavelab? But is it possible in some way to just export again and having the new file replace the old one in the second montage?

I would just make sure that the file you want to change is not open anywhere else in WaveLab (either on it’s own or from your 2nd montage). Then you should be able to render a new file with the same name to the same file path and when you open the 2nd montage again, it will populate with the new version automatically.

If for some reason you don’t want to close the 2nd montage, you can give the new file a new name such as Song-Title_V2 and then you use the option to “Replace Clip” when you right click on an audio clip (or use the shortcut). This will prompt you to manually tell WaveLab to replace an existing clip with a new one.

Ah!! That sounds great! Going to try it later. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Another (advanced) approach is to use super clips (montage inside montage).