Export Queue Batch Merge Multiple Tracks Multiple Times

It happens many times to me to collaborate with other musicians.
I host the main project in Cubase so a typical case would be to ask them to record an instrument for me.

An example project could look like this:

  • 4 tracks with synths -> I want to merge in 1 STEM
  • 5+ drum tracks -> I want to merge in 1 STEM
  • 1 bass track -> I want to export to a single STEM
  • 2 rhythm guitars -> I want to merge in 1 STEM
  • 1+ solo guitars -> I want to merge in 1 STEM and the musicians will listen to it and make a new solo

In this way instead to give 14 tracks to my collaborator I give just 5 files and he returns me the one he needs to work on.

I was super happy with the Export Queue thinking I can finally do this job in one single batch
by selecting all the pads, add to queue as single export, do the same with drums and so on but
instead I did not take advantage at all of this new feature because it doesn’t suit my needs at all for this purpose.

From what I saw in the videos you can export single and multi tracks into the queue but what you can change basically are the audio properties.

Anything I am doing wrongly or this could be a feature request?

Thank you!

You should think about the concept of stems…
Use groups to combine signals, that’s what they made for.

OK, the word STEM is wrong in this case.

But this means that I need to make a special setup, for my project in order to export it.
Plus if i need to make a setup for grouping i need to add:

  • 1 extra group track for the synths
  • 1 extra group track for the drums
  • 1 extra group track for the rhythm guitars
  • 1 extra group track for the solo guitars

It would be a nice feature to have directly in the Export Queue to be able to

  • select all the synths -> export merged -> add to queue
  • select all guitars -> export merged -> add to queue

Do you use groups already?

This is not possible, you have to define how they should combine, that’s what the groups do…

I know it is not possible hence the feature request.

I do not use groups because, as I already mentioned, they add more complexity to my project and in my case would be just for the sake of exporting the tracks.

In a project with hundreds of tracks this means to create a group for each instrument in order to have all violins, all cellos, all brasses, plus I have to route everything to the groups, that’s very time consuming.

I know that ppl has done this since forever but the Export Queue that is a new feature could be enhanced further to be able to batch signals together.

For example when having Single export mode you select the tracks:

A+B+C+D -> Add to Queue -> Export Merged

When instead you have Multiple mode it would export A B C D separately as always.

Can’t we make life easy also for ppl that don’t have dedicated interns to build a project for them?