Export queue - cycle marker

Dear Nuendo users.

Now I’m using N11 and tried the new export queue feature. But I’m missing a very helpful feature: Queue export with different Cycle Marker Tracks. I export audiobooks in 3 different audio track length on 3 different Marker tracks:

1 - one track, whole audiobook (Marker track 1 with Cycle Markers)
2 - chapter tracks (Marker track 2 with Cycle-Markers)
3 - short 3 min tracks (Marker track 3 with Cycle-Markers)

It’s a feature request!? Why I can’t export different marker tracks in one export queue?

Thank you guys!

Hi Markus!

I understand you are exporting different lengths from the same timeline? Try putting all the necessary cycle markers on one marker track and there’s your feature :slight_smile:

Best regards