Export queue on smaller monitors

Since the export queue was introduced in Cubase IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to use on a 15.6 inch laptop (1366x768) at least allow us to resize it and be able to scroll down.

Please, don’t tell me that I have to buy another screen or worse, that I need another computer (then the problems will be different)

come on steinberg!

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Well, the system requirements for Cubase 12 specify 1440 x 900 as the minimum display resolution (System Requirements for Steinberg Products | Steinberg).

I feel your pain, but I found this on the Steinberg website in the ‘requirements’

that makes sense to me…

but I don’t understand why that “silly” limitation. Simply scrolling would solve it.

Even so, thank you very much to both of you for answering.

Ok,yesterday i installed cubase on a 14" laptop but with 1080x1920 resolution and the problem is the same.

Actually, this window is 875 pixels high, here (with all scaling settings set to 100%), so I suspect something related to HiDPI stuff is going on, and I would check, among others :

  • The content of CubasePreferences > General > HiDPI settings,
  • If you are on a Windows based system, in Windows > Parameters > System, the scaling display setting.