Export quicktime video

I think film composers would really love to be able to export video clips right from Cubase, as we can in Logic and Protools. We have to send many individual clips throughout the day for approvals, and it takes a huge amount of time to bounce the cue, shut down cubase, open protools, lay in the audio with fades, and export to video. Which is even more frustrating if we forgot to turn off the click, mute that one track, or whatever and have to bounce again.

We need it…sounds like they might finally get to it with their new video engine coming.


This is already part of the new video engine which will be added in the next update.

this is wicked news. I have prayed for a video export update. I sincerely hope it will work well with options for compression ratios.

Sometimes you have to send a quick screener to a collaborator, sometimes a full rez impressive looking and sounding one to a director or showrunner and sometimes to somebodies phone. having the options for sizing and quality would save me literally years of my life and reduce screw ups. yes yes yes

+1 Can’t wait for that update too!

9.0.30 does not provide video export (locator to locator) yet. Hope this will come soon, the workaround is such a hassle and who knows when QT7 dies?

Does anyone know if/when export is coming? The new video update seems quite good so far, mine operates much more smoothly than the old engine. [edit] super big problems with the new engine. Video stutters on playback of AVC encoded video. I haven’t tried any others yet, but this one lags in Cubase while running great in Logic…

+1 as well. Exporting quicktimes locator-to-locator straight from Cubase instead of booting up ProTools to make previews would be such a time saver for film composers!