Export rate question and some

I tried to search the forums and web but I did not find the answer so, If someone would be so kind and help me with this.

Question 1:

If I have my project set at 48Khz (or higher) and export .wav file as 44.100khz, Do I still get the benefits of having the project at 48Khz etc.

Question 2:

If I have my project set at 44.1Khz and Export at 96Khz (or any other higher rates), I do not get benefits of the 96Khz, or only a bigger file size?

Question 3:

Does Cubase 10 benefit working at 48Khz or 96Khz instead of 44.1Khz? How does the Cubase built-in VSTs and effects and EQs work with higher rates?
Is there any reason NOT to work with higher sample rates? I know it uses CPU power more and file sizes do get a lot larger.

1 - In general the difference between 44.1Khz and 48Khz isn’t that significant. 48Khz is more for media delivery when it’s going to be used to picture. If you’re doing production music work they’ll probably want it as 48Khz rather than 44.1Khz.

2 - You wont get any benefit

3 - EQ’s and limiters etc work better at higher sample rates with less artifacts - however a lot of them these days allow you to upsample. The reason not to work at higher sample rates is because like you said it uses more processing power and drive space.