Export regions?

I have audio file of complete concert mixes I need perform some processing and conversion on. I’ll describe it the way I’ve done it in BIAS Peak for years, and hope there is a solution in WL.

I have carefully inserted regions start/end markers and labelled appropriately for each song in the concert (20+). I need to export these regions from the audio file (excluding what’s not within a region) and send them through the batch processor for normalizing, fades, dither, re-naming, and saving as MP3. I think I’ve found everything I need in the batch processor, except can’t figure out how to export the regions from the audio file. I’m hoping I don’t need to bother with a montage on this, as there isn’t any other need for those features (but of course, it’s not the end of the world…)

Any pointers for getting the regions out of the file and through the batch processor?

Many thanks,

Look at the “Auto Split” feature, in the Tools menu…

Ah, great, thanks! Any recommendations about the best way to string this order of processes together in Wavelab? Maybe not the same order as in Peak? I have been able to do this all in 1 shot in the past, but it seems like I need to do the Auto-split, then all the batch stuff…?

At the end of auto split, you have the option to create a batch processor, and even use a batch processor template. Hence you’re just a few clicks away from a full process.

Sound promising…guess I didn’t get that far in the Auto-Split…thanks!