Export rehearsal marks as markers


What would be the best way to export rehearsal marks as markers in a MIDI export? I noticed, that the rehearsal marks that were inputted as system text were in fact already exported as markers in the midi file and was wondering if same could be done with rehearsal marks as well.

I’m not sure I understand the difference between the two things you call “rehearsal marks.”
Rehearsal Marks entered with the Rehearsal Mark Tool are System Text Items.
What other kind of rehearsal marks do you mean?
An annotated image might be helpful.


Sorry if I was unclear!

When I have inputted a system text, dorico exports it as a marker to the MIDI -file. You can see those markers when you open the file in DAW in the correct points - this is useful when actually recording the material with a click track.

I’m looking for a way to show the rehearsal marks as well in a similar way. But of course I can simply add markers to those places in Dorico!


shows as this:

but this:

doesn’t show at all :slight_smile:

…it seems one way to do this is to add hidden system text to every rehearsal mark!

like this:

It takes a bit of time, but works!

But if someone knows an automated solution to this please let me know!

It could actually be helpful if the rehearsal marks would show in play mode in Dorico!