export render(as in nuendo 7)

good C 8.5 upgrade…
wish you consider adding the export render with next C8.5 maintenance update to make 8.5 update more powerful.
very useful and time saver for tasks the machine can do by itself.

How is it a ‘time saver’? The only way it would be a ‘time saver’ for -me- would be if I could Export Audio for CPRs that are NOT open… ie. in a batch like in WL. I’d -looooove- to be able to set a batch of CPRs to Export and go off and make tea.

I prefer beer than tea, thats the difference :wink:

Well, if you can afford it, well done to you, sir.

However… what is the benefit to Nuendo’s Render Export?

i can afford only two beers per day,no money issue,my GF wont let me :smiling_imp:

i did 22 track mastering in nuendo 7,after all adjustments i did render export to all of them with “all chain and master buss” option,and went to drink my beers while its exporting.no need to set locators for each event,name them and export one by one.
its like render in place,but with render export you choose in what folder to export them.
of course it’s useful for other things beside the mastering example i gave here.like, sharing files, export audio files for samplers etc…
of course it could be better to refine it,dont excatly remember but i think i couldnt set for the render export other samplerate then the project’s samplerate or mp3 option,and multiple formats (which the regular export dont have too)

Got it. I -would- use that. Thanks for taking the time to explain.