Export Sample Rate Question

Sound Card: RME FireFace 800

I’m trying to export my Cubase project at the sample rate of 43,287 Hz. It seems in the export dialog that you can merely choose between fixed sample rates of 44.1, 88.2, 96, 192k, etc., but not enter in your own.

I am not willing to export at 44.1 and then pitch shift down (processing = bad).

I am able to work with and play the project at 43,287 Hz in Cubase, but at the export window I hit my roadblock.

I’m not so sure there’s any software player out there that accepts 43.287 kHz.

The only solution that comes to my mind is: analog out to analog in of another interface, recorded to 44.1 again.

I am able to work with and play the project at 43,287 Hz in Cubase

You may be able to import audio at that sample rate (not that there is any sane reason for it to even exist!!) but I don’t believe you are working and playing it at that sample rate…the project setup allows only for the same rates you see in export.

Also exporting to a sample rate different than your project rate doesn’t usually change pitch at all…did you actually try it to confirm this would happen??
If you did it must be something to do with the imported audio not matching the project…Maybe try bouncing selection on all audio tracks which will create new 44.1k files in the project and then export mixdown again.

RME hardware allows to pitch audio +/- 5%. Convinient to match acoustic instruments’ given tuning (think of pianos and didgeridoos, whatever…). So it’s absolutely possible to work and play with sample rates off the standard. The recorded sample rate is whatever you’ve set in your DAW - and it will export at the rate you set of course.

Thinking about it, the simple solution is to export it @ 44.1 and resample the mix to the desired rate. It’s in Cubase’ effects menu.
Resampling the whole project audio content instead should do exactly the same. VSTis might offer a global detune to match or can be bounced to audio first.

Why are you trying to export at 43,287? Is this a film/video thing?

Exporting @ 44.1 and resampling would be destructive, no? Same with resampling the audio content itself. Correct?

Yes, a particular client wants their audio at 43,287 Hz. Not sure why.

Well, if you are like me, you come across clients who don’t always know what they are doing. That may not be the case here, but If I were you, I’d find out why they are asking for this, and exactly how and what they are doing with the audio. Perhaps they are thinking that their project needs this rate for some reason? Perhaps they are going from video to film, and need to bump up the audio? Perhaps they are going from film to video, need to bump the audio down from 44.1 (would be 44.056) and have the number wrong?