Export score as long PDF without page breaks?

New Dorico user just getting a little comfortable. Sorry if this has been answered before… I did a few searches and didn’t see it.

In Dorico Elements 4.1.10, I have a score that prints on three letter sized pages. When I export to PDF, I get the same… a 3-page PDF. I’d like the PDF export to be a continuous PDF (i.e. letter width but 3X “taller”). I tried a few things but haven’t hit on it yet.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your help.

. Marc

You’d have to make a custom score layout and specify the size manually. (I presume you’re trying to animate a score for a video?)

I don’t understand many of the “whys” at this point but that worked! This is for use on stage. I find a continuous scrolling display easier to use than page flipping.

Thanks for your answer.

. M

You have to tell dorico what size you want your layout to be for Dorico to know how to export it. Dorico defaults to normal paper sizes since the expectation is that a print is the final goal (or a PDF, which will either be viewed on a screen or eventually printed by a 3rd party).

In your case, you want a long scrolling document, so you have to set up a layout that has the dimensions you desire, at which point Dorico will generate the document according to the layout options and engraving rules.

Yes, I just created a custom score as you suggested and set the page size height to 900mm (my score is 3 letter-sized pages). That exported exactly as I was looking for. Thanks again!

. M

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