how do you export multiple pages ?
the selection tool only works for what is on the screen how the hell you get to print more than what’s on screen?

Can you not simply use the Print command? (while in Page mode)

Just use the print command like any other document.

I use a free pdf maker and print to that, then send that to my printer at work

Learned something new here. Thanks for the info.

i’m asking myself the same question now… i want to export all pages to files, can’t find such option. only one page at a time… if this not present in C7 this should be a feature request " select multiple pages by user to export score to file"
Is it possible ?!!

Unfortunately the quality is poor through Mac’s print command and save to PDF, which is besides the point because it did not render all of the pages either.

On Cubase 8.5 now, still no way to export all pages of the score at one time?


Being really thick here - do I hold down print screen or something when I click export?? What is the print command??? :unamused: